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In order to take advantage of the fast service that allows you to benefit from our services without having to move from home, please follow these four steps:

  1. Send us a digital copy of your documents (scans or pdf) to to receive a free and quick quote. * Also include in the message the target language (to which you want to translate) and put "Fast Service" as the subject of your message.

  2. Confirm with us your order and the date of the delivery of the work via email. If you have a specific request (having two copies, having an electronic copy etc.) send it to us when confirming the order.

  3. Book your delivery by mail by clicking on the " Place an Order " button below and check the date which we will have agreed on previously via email. * Time slots are not important. You just have to choose the right day of delivery. Thus, you will receive your translations in your mailbox not at the time you checked, but rather during the day you choose.

  4. Pay the invoice that will be sent to your email via PayPal or by e-Transfer (Click here to pay). * Enter for the billing address on PayPal the one you will have mentioned in Step 3 on the form (Place an Order).


​* We will send you on your email address a preview of the documents a few days before delivery to ensure the accuracy of the informations and make the changes you find necessary to provide you with an impeccable service.

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